How MGSO Got It's Name

I started making products for me and my family to meet our own needs. I found that I would offer The Original Snake Oil to whatever the problem was. The response was consistent, "It helped! What is it?!?" To which I replied with a wink, "Mamma's Magic Gypsy Snake Oil; it cures what ails you."

Why Magic Gypsy?

Because there were a few women in my life, one named Magic and the other my Nana, who greatly contributed to my personhood. My Nana (maternal grandmother and matriarch) expressed no shame when telling me she moved so frequently because her "Gypsy blood boiled."  My Nana was a settled  Eastern European Gypsy from Camden New Jersey.  My 1/4 Gypsy blood boils too, Nana, mine does too. 

Please note that we are not Roma, who are different people from EEG. Roma should not be referred to as Gypsies without permission as some clans take great offense. Some Roma refer to themselves as Gypsies as proudly as we do.  It is up to the people themselves to determine their own name and destiny.  Ask first, and honor their choice. The confusion and misguided effort to erase the word 'Gypsy" is a movement originating in the USA, and does not at all represent the global position.  While the word originates from the mistaken assumption that Roma passing through Egypt were Egyptians when they actually originate in India, the name began to be applied to all tribal nomads in Europe.  Over one thousand years of sharing the same roads and discrimination, they all became 'Gypsies.'  The difference between EEG and Roma is that Roma are a closed group.  That is how they have managed to maintain their unique heritage and identity.  EEG are intermixed and spread across the continent of Eurasia.  EEG are a culture not a race.  The identifying unifier is 'Gypsy.'  What clans, lands, origins we came from have now been lost to history.  My Nana knew no other name for her people than Gypsy.  I am PROUD of my Nana's heritage and our boiling Gypsy blood. So for my Nana and for Magic, my product name remembers and honors them for their contribution, along side my mother, to who I am.

And this seems like the perfect time to give all the credit to my mom who taught me "Put a little vinegar on it" and many other holistic remedies for wellness. THANK YOU MOM! I love you.  

Visit The Gypsy Lore Society at www.gypsyloresociety.org to learn about Gypsies Roma and Travelers.

Learn More About Gypsy Roma Travelers History Here


Magic Gypsy Cosmetics Founders Story

Founder's Story

About In an effort to avoid harsh chemicals, toxins and inhumanely made products, I began creating my own personal wellness products for me and my family. As the journey evolved I found I had all natural organic products to share. After sharing my products, I began receiving requests for more...and here we are. ​

Well, that's the short version. I did start by making wellness skin and hair products for my family. As more people requested MGSO, I decided to put a label on her.

Magic Gypsy Cosmetics Logo Creation
Magic Gypsy Cosmetics


I used contour drawings of some of my guiding spirit animals and brought the Magic Gypsy gang to life: Magic Gypsy, Sanfran Garter, and Sydney Butterfly. They have stories to tell, one day we will share them. Meanwhile, I had a bona fide product! Now what? Well...

At that time I had a nice little studio to work with my lovely antiques (seasons change; that time is over). My desire to share artful living was uncontainable. I started with no store front. I sold right in front of my home!  I had regular sidewalk sales in front of my home in San Francisco, California, USA. This little antique passion and the surplus from my own body wellness needs were the start of it all. This is how Magic Gypsy Cosmetics and Lynda Anne Artful Living Department Store began - as impeccably, finely, artfully showcased... sidewalk sales! That fateful day I had a big fresh batch of MGSO lip balms. My very first labeled, sealed, real deal products. I put them out with the usual fine antiques and collectibles at my sidewalk sale. I was moved, grateful, inspired, and blown away. One after another, two, three, 4 at a time, they sold out immediately. Within hours! I got the feeling I was on to something. When that feeling comes, run with it! One of my favorite quotes is attributed to Michaelangelo: "The danger is not aiming too high and missing, but aiming to low and making your mark (maybe he said it; maybe he didn't.  But it's golden)."  Thus, I aimed high. Very high. Insert huge confident smile here.

Fast forward, I'm feeling in over my head, over whelmed, and quite nervous about the responsibility of mass producing single handedly my growing brand. I'm concerned about the amount of non-recycling plastic the lip balm tubes are generating. I'm worried about how the formula will hold up in different climates. Inspired to maintain the highest standard of quality control, I took careful and considerable time putting together the refined and amazing Magic Gypsy Cosmetics brand. I am proud to work with a team of experts in every aspect of the production who share the same passionate high standards for people and planet. All Magic Gypsy Cosmetics are produced and shipped from Toronto or Vancouver, Canada. Our blushes, eyeshadows and many other products are vegan. All are natural. They are humanely and ethically sourced. They are free of pesticide, cruelty, glutton, and parabens.

Try these fruits of my years of heart-felt labor and see if you aren't completely enamored. Let us know what you think!

Browse the open source knowledge free recipes page to see the ingredients in each of the products MGSO started with. Now that you know what goes into my butters, balms, and serums, you can make magic too. Gather your supplies and create your own magic potions. The portions are really up to you; what's most important is starting with high quality ingredients, and keeping your creations stored properly. Follow our group on social media, or DM, hit contact etc, with questions, and we'll try to link you to some resources. We are all stronger together. Let's grow together. Share with me what you create. Or, I can deliver to you, free, my new, improved and expanded line of Magic Gypsy Cosmetics.

To be clear, there are no snake parts of any kind in the product, oil or otherwise. It's a reference to the peddlers who claimed to have 'cure-alls' from times gone by, because MGSO works for so many things And yes, it's also a poke at the unjust Gypsy stereotypes. In other words, it's a joke.  No, MGSO won't cure whatever ails you, especially not bully cats. But it will provide soothing relief for most skin issues.


Magic Gypsy Anti Aging Serum Bundle In Rose Gold Container

That's how it all began. Look how far we've come. Magic Gypsy is now a full cosmetics brand, complete with skincare and make up for everyone! Our products are proudly made in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.

Magic Gyps Cosmetics Lipstick 

Thank you! 

Live well, live artfully.

~Lynda Anne



Learn more about Lynda Anne, the artisan behind MGSO, at: www.LyndaAnneWilliams.com



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