Valentine's Day Is Coming What To Avoid And How To Score

Uh-oh!  You're running out of time!

Tough Decisions To MakeThe Pressure Is On

It's time to plan.  Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  What are you going to do?  Breathe...You still have options.

Head out to the mall and spend hours looking for something, anything that says "I love you."  Hours later empty handed, you'll wander into an intimate apparel store.  Stop.  You've gone astray.  This is a gift for you.  Keep looking. 

Now you're at Target in the home appliance section.  This is dastardly.  Are you trying to break up?  Please don't say "I love the way you clean"   

Ok.  I know.  You feel like you can't win.  It's OK.  Lynda Anne is here to help. 

Try these little helpful hints:

1.  Avoid household items that say you're great at chores.  Not as romantic as you might think.

2.  Avoid gifts for you disguised as a gift for your partner.  You're the only one fooled.  I promise.

3.  Avoid buying clothes.  No matter how much you love your partner.  There is a phenomenon known as size blind.  Most partners have it.  You probably do too.  Your partner is probably a size or two bigger than you think.  And if you are wrong and god forbid order too big...well "I think you're huge" isn't received as well as you might think either.  

Well, what then??? What should you do?

 Try these:

A teddy bear, a sampler box of chocolates, and a dozen roses!  Now that's a gift.  Well done.  This will make everyone at your beloved's work seething with envy.  That scores mega points. 


Here's another WINNER!

For the romantic gardner, or plant lover, this is the perfect gift because it can keep on giving year after year.  It's ALIVE!!! It comes in a beautiful container that can be used again when this gorgeous mini rose bush outgrows it.  Do this every year and even though you never promised a rose garden... 

You really cannot go wrong with flowers.  There are so many options to choose from.  Browse the entire collection to find the perfect bouquet.


Did you say ALLERGIES???

OK Ditch the flowers.  Let's keep looking. 

Here's something for the young at heart no matter the age:

Don't overlook the romance of a perfectly planned picnic.  Here's an idea to help you with your date.

There are several choices to choose from as well, so explore and find the perfect picnic basket to be delivered.  What could be easier? 


Just don't forget desert!


You can always say I love you with affordable COSTUME (disclose that upfront) Jewelry from Lynda Anne.  Just be careful with these gifts, as they might say more than you mean to - proceed with caution:

If you're not careful, you'll end up here:

In which case, CONGRATULATIONS!!  Lynda Anne has you covered there too!

Romance At Lynda Anne Artful Living Department Store 

Yeah, we can help with this part too.

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