Sunset Tour Of The Golden Gate Bridge



Join a tour of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset. Discover locals' favorite paths, and special lesser known look-out points. We'll meet by The 28 Bus Stop bench outside the GGB Toll Plaza Information Center 2 hours prior to sunset. From there we'll head out for amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Depending on your ability and desires, we'll hike from Golden Gate Bridge Overlook to the views of below the GGB and back. Then we'll head back up and walk across the bridge to see the views from the other side. We will be coming back over the bridge at sunset to catch amazing sunset views of the Golden Gate to the west, GGB, and the city to the east. All total, the hike is about 5 miles and should take 2.5 hours, depending on your pace, and will provide at least 5 unique views of the Golden Gate Bridge.   Filmed by James Edward Gleason  



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