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#GypsyLivesMatter #RomaLivesMatter

Thank you in advance for speaking up for Gypsies, Roma, and Travelers...

Thank you in advance for speaking up for Gypsies, Roma, and Travelers. The latest PC mis-step meant to uplift Roma, not even supported by all Roma, only serves to erase 1000 years of vibrant and diverse peoples, whose common lifestyles lead them to be grouped together as Gypsies. The persecution of Gypsies, Roma, and Travelers is real. The push to erase the word Gypsy is not. Erasing the word Gypsy erases not only the people who have been called that for eons and want to keep it, it erases the long history of atrocities committed against nomadic or non-settled peoples. Since when do we stop discrimination by erasing any record of it? This agenda is suspicious to many Gypsies and Roma, especially in Eastern Europe, who have been entirely left out of the conversation. Why would we not ask Gypsies, Roma, Travelers what they want to be called and then HONOR THAT? This movement is problematic on so many levels. Thank you in advance for respecting the people of said culture over an American driven agenda promoted almost entirely by non Gypsies Roma Travelers. If you care to learn more about Gypsies, Roma and Travelers visit The Gypsy Lore Society. #GypsyLivesMatter #RomaLivesMatter #StopErasingGypsies

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